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Lead Design & Development
2016 - Present

Menē crafts 24 karat gold and platinum investment jewelry™ sold by gram weight. By combining innovative technology, timeless design, and radical transparency, Menē restores the link between jewelry and savings.

Brand Design

Menē’s finalized brand along with many of the early concepts and brand explorations.

User Interface Style Guide

Light UI style guide to streamline a consistent and rapid design process. Only a portion of the full style guide is shown below.

Product Design

A simplistic, clean, and functional approach was taken for the product design. We wanted customers to be able to easily browse and explore product offerings whilst at the same time educate them in the value of 24k investment jewelry.

Dashboard Design

Menē’s dashboard has been designed to allow customers to view their order history with a focus on the investment side of the business model. Customers can see the real time performance and return on each of their investment pieces. The dashboard and account management interface is fully responsive to ensure it works on a wide range of devices and browsers.

Charm Customizer

The charm customizer allows consumers the ability to build their own charm bracelet or necklace using an intuitive custom designed and built drag / drop editor. The charm customizer is fully responsive and accounts for touch interactions as well as mouse inputs.

Interface Prototypes & Animation Design

Much of the animated interface was prototyped for stakeholder approval as well as internal design team discussions. Menē’s team is geographically diverse so creating visual prototypes was a critical part of the process.

Website Design

Menē’s website design is broken into two key parts, e-commerce and investment related education. We wanted to create an aesthetic simple shopping experience whilst at the same time inform customers about the advantages of owning investment jewelry.

Menē Checkout

Menē's checkout system utilized a heavily customized Shopify theme.

Promotional Graphics

Key promotional graphics were designed and animated using HTML and CSS. Their purpose was to educate customers on the benefits of 24k investment jewelry and what makes Menē different.

Email Template Design

Menē required custom designed and developed emails for order updates, marketing and promotion. Templates were built to work in the most popular clients as well as older versions of Outlook.