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Lead Design & Development
2014 - Present

Goldmoney is the world’s largest precious metals custodian. I joined Goldmoney in 2014, and worked as part of the founding team over the years to build the company’s current strong standing in the marketplace. I remain head of product design and front end development.

Brand Design

Originally starting off as BitGold, the company evolved throughout the years and eventually rebranded as Goldmoney. I worked on all versions of the branding shown below.

Goldmoney's brand had to be flexible enough to work with a number of different sub entities.

Goldmoney’s current brand identity and visual styling.

Responsive Web App Design

Goldmoney's web application has over 100 different views and 18 key features. I was responsible for initial UI design concepts for stakeholder approval, final user interface designs, and front end development. I worked closely with the front end engineering team to build the interface within the Angular application.


Image below shows one of the many flows within the application. This was heavily reworked from the original Goldmoney design to improve user experience and reduce drop off. This flow concept is seen throughout the application for purchasing and selling precious metals, funding and more.

Responsive Application Design

It was critical that our web application was flexible to be able to respond to different screen sizes and devices. The responsive Goldmoney web application uses a number of breakpoints and the layout is built using flexbox and CSS grid.

Various Flows and User Interface

Goldmoney's application was designed in Sketch using a custom built design system to assemble views using components. This is just a small selection of the desktop UI screens. Mockups were made for mobile as well as a full functioning clickable prototype using Sketch's native prototyping tools. This was helpful to convey design ideas to not only the product team but stakeholders as well.

Design System

To ensure product design consistency, as well as enable rapid development and prototyping of features, we created a design system for user interface components and common design paradigms. This system was shared across all products to allow other designers the ability to follow interface guidelines and ensure product integrity across Goldmoney’s distributed design team.


Iconography is used throughout the application to convey actions and information to the end user. Custom icons and illustrations were created.

Website Design

Goldmoney’s website design is heavily inspired by the application interface design. The website encompasses the user facing marketing site, corporate news portal for investor relations / general news, and research portal written by Goldmoney's leading experts.

Buy Cryptocurrency Landing page and Corporate news portal showing sub header design used within portal sub sites.

Website design navigation patterns as well as content page design.

Support Portal

The Goldmoney support portal was designed for ease of navigation and to allow clients quick access to the most commonly sought after support articles. Clients could also reach out to the support team directly if they could not find what they were looking for within the portal.

Mobile Application Design

Goldmoney mobile app design is similar in scope to the responsive web app. We wanted a native experience for our clients to accompany the web interface.

The project was broken down into phases to ensure we could release the application as soon as possible. Phase 1 would focus on core features for existing clients. Phase 2 would include the sign up, onboarding, and verification features to allow new clients the ability to sign up from their device. Phase 3 included all nice to have features such as Active Trader and Bar Registration.

Initial user research and prototypes.

Finialized UI designs for iOS.

Various mobile app screens including Active Trader Platform

Goldmoney Checkout

Goldmoney Pay was a product developed for Goldmoney Business customers to accept payments on the Goldmoney Network.

Active Trader & Other Products

The Active Trader platform was built for Goldmoney clients looking to gain more control over buying and selling precious metals. Custom designed and built solution with an integrated TradingView chart package.

Live Metal Price Widget

An embeddable widget designed to fit within a 300x250 ad slot. The widget displays live metal prices in their respective currency and sign up for price alerts.

Asset Price Widget

With the success of our live metal price widget the team wanted to further expand the functionality and add another option to our embeddable tools. This concept was developed to share with stakeholders as well as gather user feedback.

Email Templates

Custom built email templates for platform and marketing emails. Designed and built to work with modern email clients as well as older versions of Outlook.