"It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Mike Busby. Ridiculously efficient with an incredible precision to detail is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Mike and his approach to solving challenges.

Few people have the opportunity to have a designer like Mike Busby on your team that you can rely on. I had the pleasure of working with him for two years through the aggressive global expansion of BitGold and Goldmoney, collaborating on several brand, design, web, mobile and offline projects.

Mike expertly filled the role of a Chief Design Officer. I was particularly impressed by Mike’s ability to handle even the toughest design challenges. The skill often takes years to develop among designers to balance creativity, efficiency and intuitive design, enabled with good coding direction and functional UX. This balance seemed to come perfectly naturally to him to focus on what matters in the right order.

Mike’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our dev and business teams.

Any company would be lucky to have Mike’s lens on their business and product, and he earns my highest recommendation."

— Darrell MacMullin
Former Managing Director PayPal Canada, Former CEO Goldmoney Network

"Amazing developer with a great eye for design — if you want best results then invest into Mike, he'll deliver high-quality results every time."

— Dmitri Litvinov, CEO
Table Creative Inc.

"Damn Mike, this has got to be one of the nicest Sketch files I’ve ever laid eyes on! Thanks for being so organized!"

— Shawn Adrian, Founder / Designer
Input Logic

"We brought Mike on our team to help create brand collateral's for an important client. It took us time to find the right designer since this brand had a very specific aesthetic that few people are able to work with. Mike delivered incredible work in an even more impressive time frame. He went above and beyond during the revision phase and made sure the work was perfect. Expect great results and creative solutions when working with Mike."

— Miles Roxas, Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer

"Mike was excellent to work with. Quick to respond with quality and creative work. He just got what we wanted without having to go back and forth. I would definitely use Mike again."

— Rob Kirwin, CEO

"Mike Busby revamped our website into a modern and professional site that we are very proud to have represent our company. He put his heart and soul into this project and his dedication and enthusiasm shines through. Due to his excellent work, I would refer him to anyone."

— Jessica Cohen, Director of Marketing
Preeminent Developments Inc.

"I became aware of Mike’s excellent work while searching for a user interface designer to redesign my online exercise software company's web application. His exceptional eye for detail, and clean, bold designs are outstanding. Mike is very easy to communicate with and was able to produce a brilliant, contemporary re-design of our current software’s user interface within a tight time frame. We were so impressed with his work we had no hesitation in asking him to also re-design our company website. We are extremely impressed with the finished product and we look forward to working with Mike again in the future."

— Ben Potter, Director
The Rehab Lab